Mastering Multichannel Marketing in Pharma? Easier than you thought!

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08 November 2016

Mastering Multichannel Marketing in Pharma? Easier than you thought!

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We recently published Evidence-based Multichannel - Delighting pharma customers in the omnichannel age. It is the only up-to-date book we know of on omnichannel customer engagement in life sciences - and is the distillation of over nine years of MCM workshops and programmes at Across Health - and in total reflects over two centuries of accumulated practice and insights in our unique consultant base.

The world of multichannel can be confusing. There are many buzzwords and misconceptions - as well as a lot of "gut feel". We outline the methodologies you need, in short, readable chapters, with real life examples and hard data. You don't stop eating potatoes because you have broccoli - and nor should you abandon face to face because you have digital. This is the cookbook you need to put all channels together for a delightful, memorable meal for your customer - tailored to their tastes and preferences.

To do this, you need data. We discuss in detail how you can make use of what you have, and develop what you need. Based on our industry-leading database of channel preference, we outline best practice - and how this leads to exceptional channel mix and resource optimization...and return on investment.

If you want to delight your customers, and change the way you think about customer engagement in the omnichannel age - this is the book for you.

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