New Healthcare Disruption Tour – dates and website

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07 June 2016

New Healthcare Disruption Tour – dates and website

In December 2015, Across Health launched the first-ever Healthcare Disruption Tour, which took leading innovative healthcare executives on a whirlwind tour of the health-tech heatmap in Silicon Valley and San Diego.... it was, as one senior pharma executive said, "An amazing experience, every minute was worth it! This Tour was an eye opener, there is a before Tour and an after Tour life!". Therefore, we are organizing this again by giving you and another 15-20 senior executives the opportunity to immerse in the current epicentres of disruptive health-tech innovation...

The next tour, between 16-20 January 2017, will immerse you in the next 'Big Big Thing', taking on board new technologies such as big data, IoT, AI, ... together with totally new approaches in understanding and engaging physicians, providers, patients and payers through disruptive business models. You will meet healthcare thought leaders, engage with nimble health-tech start-ups, and learn how leading incumbents have found successful ways of embedding innovation in their companies. And of course you will learn new insights from your likeminded peers on the bus, your tour guides, during visits and even during breakfast, lunch & dinner! After all, disruption knows no boundaries...

Your tour guides for the week will be Peter Hinssen, renowned author, thought leader and experienced tour guide and coach, and Fonny Schenck, CEO Across Health and leading digital health thought leader. Together both will ensure your journey gives you a solid assessment of the future trends in healthcare, help you identify key signals from the noise, and arm you with key insights to become one of the leaders in this exciting new space.

This time, we will also include New York on the East Coast in our trip, as this is another important hub of health-tech innovation, next to the Valley. 

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A link to the slide deck on the tour is also provided.

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