Multichannel Rep

Multichannel Rep

30 May 2017
Recorded webinar


This webinar will be presented by Annelien Van Boxlaer (VP Innovation Strategy, Across Health) & Patrick Vidal (MD, Across Health France).

The world of the field force is changing. Increased digitalisation, powerful new tools and a growing expectation that they ‘conduct’ multiple channels means new skills, ways of working, and even thinking, are needed.

This shift will radically change the structure of the traditional Pharma organization. Differences between HQ and local offices will become less pronounced as the field force gains the ability to deploy highly tailored, right-on-time content, in the best possible format for individual physicians.

Find out more about how the time of the Multichannel Rep is now, how upskilling and reskilling are the buzzwords for new engagement models, and how not to have your field force being left behind in the digital race!

Topics include

  • Getting the right digital tools into the hands of reps
  • How to evaluate what the best channels for your situation are
  • Finding out what good looks like
  • How to engage your field force, manage the change, and sustain their motivation

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