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Cross-channel Strategy

Instead of having a true cross-channel strategy, a lot of companies are creating silo strategies per tactic (e.g. a website strategy, an app strategy, etc) or are surfing from pilot to pilot without full implementations.

This makes it impossible to grab the full potential of cross channel communication. With a cross-channel strategy we start from the business objectives of a specific brand, therapeutic area or the overall company and define the cross-channel strategy covering all channels in the mix.

Why is it so important to implement?

A cross-channel strategy brings several benefits:

  • Increase the impact of your communication activities as you ensure the message is aligned across channels and therefore better received.
  • Customer centric thinking is embedded into the cross-channel strategy.
  • Maximization of potential efficiencies as it makes it very easy to identify opportunities to leverage a certain content through different channels
  • Ensuring investments in certain channels remain relevant and don’t remain stuck in pilot phases.

How does Across Health do the implementation

We have a proven approach to define an impactful cross-channel strategy. This includes optimizing the channel mix for a specific target audience, based on a powerful blend of extensive experience and proprietary market research.

This approach has been implemented successfully at more than 8 global pharma companies (both on the global and on the local level). And resulted in strong cross-channel implementations for which strong ROI data are available where tracked. This shows once more that cross-channel is much more powerful than solo-channel.

What are the results

The result of a cross-channel strategy is a clear roadmap with prioritised projects. These projects are clearly written-out and can serve as a basis to brief third parties to implement these projects in line with the strategy.

As the cross-channel strategy is defined through market research and a series of workshops, it also brings a lot of knowledge to the pharma company on multi-channel communication in general and how to effectively do multi-channel communication for their specific audience. This also helps going up the learning curve and applying this for the next years to come.



“This is a strategic milestone for our company.
This is the first time we are looking across all
customer-interacting channels and are aligning our efforts
to maximize impact, efficiencies and customer focus.”


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