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Training: the Across Health Academy

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Training: the Across Health Academy

The Across Health Academy (AHA!) offers a comprensive range of customizable strategic and hands-on workshops to healthcare executives around the world, varying from a few hours to several days, ranging from interactive presentations & workshops to individual coaching, and tailored to key audiences: Board, business executives as well as digital experts.

This can be offered in a pure classroom setting, through interactive workshops, online learning or a blend of these formats. Fonny Schenck and Ruud Kooi have also facilitated over 10 workshops for Celforpharma in the digital space.

Why is it so important to implement?
Lack of internal skills is one of the top-5 barriers to mastering digital, according to our Digital Barometer 2013 – and, together with ROI concerns, the only one that is rising fast. As a consequence, Across Health has developed & delivered several unique and well-received offerings and programmes to address this need.

How does Across Health do the implementation

AHA! offers 3 levels of training:

Core curricula

  • Innovation bootcamps: these offerings provide delegates a 360° view of the opportunities in digital in life sciences; the main target groups are marketing, sales and medical professionals (2-3 days)
  • Digital masterclasses: we also provide a core curriculum for new digital staff members, in which we cover key tactics in an in-depth and hands-on way (1-3 days)

Advanced workshops

  • Specialized workshops: we offer customized workshops for sales, marketing and medical affairs, focusing on 1 specific topic and producing an actionable outcome (for instance, digital & prelaunch strategy, erep, patient adherence, mobile marketing, …) (4-8 hours)
  • Hands-on session: We offer deep-dive & pragmatic workshops for digital leaders, zooming in on one or more digital topics defined by the customer (4-8 hours per topic)

Leader events

  • AHA!’s leader events are short briefings & workshops focusing on key strategic trends in digital and their implications for life sciences, and are geared at digital leaders and/or business executives (1-4 hours)





What are the results
We have provided over 70 workshops in the past 2 years in most European markets, the US, China, Russia, Turkey and other emerging markets. The scope ranged from senior-level keynotes to hands-on sessions, innovation bootcamps and immersion courses, often in a blended way, with consistenty high satisfaction scores.



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