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Cross-channel Navigator

With the incessant growth of digital channels and the reduced reach & impact of certain traditional channels, having a fact-based decision platform for optimizing the mix in life sciences has rapidly become a critically important asset for sustainable competitive advantage.

Six years ago, Across Health identified a mix optimization methodology squarely rooted in FMCG and customized it for life sciences.

Initially, only custom research projects were undertaken (Multichannel Mix Assessments, or MMA). As of 2013, we started offering the Cross-Channel Navigator, a syndicated research version of the MMA.

On these unique, data-rich channel findings, we perform a series of novel analyses, with the primary aim of supporting fact-based channel mix decisions. Specifically, we introduced the concept of multi-channel equivalence to compare the relative reach/impact of channels vs a gold standard (for promotion: rep equivalence; for medical: meeting equivalence).

In addition, the research provides insight into relative company positions (benchmarking), attitudinal & demographic drivers for channel preference, comparisons over time & across markets, and several other areas. Across Health also offers bespoke mix planning workshops and tools to maximize the impact of the data.

Currently, we are commercializing four Cross-channel Navigator databases:







For more information, please contact Fonny Schenck or Philip Baciaz.