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  • “After extensive scanning of the channel research landscape, the winner for us was the Across Health Navigator. The data spans over 50 channels and covers both offline & online as well as promotional and non-promotional channels and stakeholders. This makes the Across Health Navigator an extensive piece of channel research and allows for a fact-based and integrated multichannel planning, optimization and measurement. The approach resonates extremely well with both our senior leaders as well as our brand teams across Europe." (Senior Director Commercial Excellence, medium-sized Pharmaco)
  • "The Cross-Channel Navigator provides a customer-centric approach to selecting the right channels for the right countries. That is because the impact and reach measurements you get per channel come right from the voice of the customer - through a strong market research-based methodology. The Navigator is one strong part of the decision-making mix, of course along with a strong multichannel strategy and real-world experience of what works." (Director Commercial Excellence Europe, top 10 pharmaco)
  • “The Navigator data based on reach and impact has become a critical part in the tactical planning of multi-channel activities as it allows a clear and straight forward way to select and consider trade-offs between different channels. Today the Navigator data provides key insights and drives our multi-channel decisions both on a regional and country level." (Head of Commercial Excellence Europe, leading biotech company)
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Cross-channel Navigator for GPs (n=1478)

GPs play a critical role in many therapeutic areas (initiation, referral, maintenance), but increasingly will have to be approached using cross-channel strategies, as GP salesforces are being reduced and redeployed towards specialists.

We are pleased to offer you the most comprehensive primary research on cross-channel behavior & trends for 14 European GP markets, based on our proven multichannel mix methodology.

Our Navigator assesses the reach and impact of 50+ channels – offline & online, pharma-owned & third-party, marketing, sales & medical, as well as key stakeholders (payer, patient, peers,…).

For the first time ever, we also chart the relative impact of these channels vs the product-lifecycle stages and vs key steps in the decision journey. Our actionable insights will allow marketing, sales and medical teams to optimize their budget allocation & cross-channel plans in a fact-based way.

Our GP Navigator covers 14 countries (DE, FR, IT, UK, ES, AT, BE, NL, CH, DK, SE, GR, TR, RU). As such, it accommodates even the most demanding regional planning needs. The research will be repeated annually.

The GP Navigator is available now.

For more information, please contact Fonny Schenck or Philip Baciaz

Click here to learn more over our cross-channel navigator for oncologists and hematologists.

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