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In-House Maturometer

In-House Maturometer is a unique opportunity to benchmark and measure your own company’s digital maturity and position on global pharma trends against our high quality data obtained through a well recognized Maturometer study (more than 600 respondents in 2015).

Why would your organization benefit from this study?

As pharma is quickly shifting its focus toward digital initiatives and latest trends it is important to know where your teams stands in terms of digital maturity compared to top global pharma companies around the world. Our study is designed to better understand your company’s performance on the following 4 cornerstones:

4 cornerstones

How do we perform this study?

Using our industry leading annual report Maturometer, we have gathered more than 600 respondents from around the world (Manager/Director levels) providing a representative overview and feedback on variety of questions including digital budget allocations and bottlenecks. This data is compared to the information collected from your own teams through an online survey (anonymity is insured). Both data sets are then compared to show where you stand compared to other pharma companies in the region or country (further segmentations are possible) to give you a clear understanding of the gaps and hurdles preventing from further adoption of digital strategies within your organization.

What do you get as deliverables?
  • An extensive and customized report showing comparisons to industry standards with insightful comments from our experts.
  • A presentation to your team or stakeholders going through the results and answering your questions based on our extensive expertise in the field.
  • Further segmentations on departments or therapeutic area (provided sufficient sample size).
  • Data set of the survey responses for further internal analysis (anonymised)

For more examples of why types of questions we will cover please view our recorded webinar.



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