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Emedical is an umbrella term, covering areas like the digitization of clinical trials (recruitment & management), medical education, medical information,KOL management, data dissemination, etc.

Physicians, patients and caregivers attach greater value to medical than promotional messages online, based on our global MMA database with over 2000 respondents…Accelerating the digitization of such high value content & services is therefore key.

Why is it so important to implement?
On the one hand, there is a strong need from pharma customers (physicians, but also patients, nurses, (hospital) pharmacists, …) to receive the latest medical information “anytime, anywhere” – on websites, but also on tablet devices and smartphones.

In addition, in Medical too, similar cost pressures are being observed as in the promotional space. The gold standard of medical education, local/regional/national/international meetings, is increasingly being subject to cost scrutiny, similar to the salesforce in the promotional space. In addition the educational reach of these offline channels is limited. Also in clinical trials, KOL management, data dissemination and Medinfo, the same pressures can be observed.

As a result, more efforts are being put into blended or pure online offerings, which not only result in budget efficiencies, but will also be preferred by certain types of time-pressured customers.

How does Across Health do the implementation?
We offer a range of services in the space of “fusion medical”, from providing key insights into “fusion” medical mix optimization opportunities, through a comprehensive fusion medical strategy and training, as well as the implementation of key tactics & measuring customer engagement:

  • Medical information portals
  • Webcasts
  • Online advisory/collaboration boards
  • Online clinical trial recruitment
  • eCME
  • eMSL strategy & training
  • virtual patient cases
  • emedical dashboards & engagement tracking

What are the results?
We have developed several state-of-the art online medical programmes for physicians & patients, which scored at least as well as the offline version – and often were rated superior.

In blended settings, we reach about as many customers online as via the offline channel, based on focused recruitment & customer activation.

In one case, we centralized all meded offerings of a pharma company into one interactive European hub, which already attracts over 20% of the European target audience.

In another case, we developed a KOL-endorsed online training programme for pathologists for the G5 markets, with local KOL videos, online tissue sample evaluation and KOL feedback. The feedback from our customer and the KOLs was very positive.



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