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In a 2013 report, the McKinsey Global Institute puts mobile as the most disruptive technology in the next 15 years. This is being driven by a number of factors: the staggering level of mobile device adoption (smartphones and tablets), fast advancements in technology, potential cost savings, and the need for care anywhere, anytime, among others. The pharmaceutical industry cannot be left behind…

For years, pharma companies have been looking for ways to provide value “beyond the pill” and this is where mobile comes in. Mobile devices are already being used for health from simple exercise or diet apps to dosage calculators to more complex patient monitoring or diagnostic tools.

The key though is to recognize that it’s not about applying new technologies, but about addressing the needs of patients and HCPs, leveraging the mobility of mobile devices, while ensuring the link to your company and brand objectives.

Why is it so important to implement?

Mobile is clearly changing the healthcare environment. Today there are 1.038 billion smartphones in use and 100,000+ health apps. Research2guidance (2013) estimates that in 2017, there will be 3.4 billion smartphone owners with 50% of them having downloaded a health app. In addition, mHealth revenue is estimated to reach $26 billion USD, of which 84% will be for hardware/services.

According to our 2013 Digital Barometer survey, the use of mobile continues to increase, with 34% rating it often/standard practice vs 9% only 2 years ago.

How does Across Health do the implementation?
Across Health has a full suite of capabilities for mobile around our 4i Methodology from insight generation to strategy development to execution, followed by impact measurement.


  • Mobile Landscape Analysis
  • App Search Engine Landscape Analysis, including Share of Visibility methodology


  • Mobile Strategy Development

Integrated Execution

  • App Store Optimization (ASO) for Apple App Store and Google Play
  • App Development & Promotion programme management


  • Mobile impact analysis & Dashboarding

Our Mobile Landscape Analysis provides a tailored and 360-degree view and analysis of mobile usage in mHealth including:

  • Stakeholders e.g. HCP, Patient, Payers
  • Environment e.g. Technology, Regulatory, Trends
  • Existing competitor tactics e.g. apps
  • Patient journey / HCP support pathway view

App Search Engine Landscape Analysis for Apple’s App Store and/or Google Play provides insight into the app markets for both your app and your competitors, while highlighting potential opportunities. It includes calculation of Share of Visibility (SOVIS), which reveals the accessibility of your app in either store for a set of keywords in relation to other apps.

When ready to create an app, we can provide App Development Support, taking into consideration the elements that impact app search position in the stores. In preparation or once launched, we have techniques to optimize your app position in the stores via App Store Optimization (ASO) and through App Promotion, we can propose multiple methods to market your app.

These are supported by defining and visualizing the critical and relevant metrics through Mobile Impact Analysis & Dashboarding.

What are the results?
In one case, following an in-depth analysis, we developed the mobile strategy for a patient association, ensuring the link between the company’s vision & objectives to the new mobile objectives & tactics.



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