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Online Marketing

Online marketing covers a broad multi-channel array of tactics and strategies, ranging from Search Engine Advertising (keyword-buying via pay-per-click advertising systems such as Google AdWords and Bing), Search Engine Optimisation (improving both a website’s code and content, and link building strategies to try to attain a higher natural ranking in the organic search engine results), Social Media Advertising (creating highly targeted advertisements in social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, based not on keywords but rather on the demographic and other information available in user’s accounts), Banner placements (either in a partner system or via an affiliate performance based network), and Email Marketing (sending out segmented messages directly to your customers and leads is still the most effective way to build loyalty and maintain relationships).

Why is it so important to implement?
From experience we know how challenging it can be to get an online presence up and running within the healthcare industry. However once your self-service portal, website, mobile app, YouTube channel, Facebook page etc … is live, you’re only halfway there. You still have to drive the right traffic to your website, ensure that your videos are seen, promote app usage, get liked on Facebook … . That’s where online marketing comes in.

How does Across Health do the implementation?
Across Health has experienced in-house consultants who can help you create targeted campaigns to reach the right audience. Across Health is a preferred Google AdWords partner in health care; with several Google AdWords certified consultants within its ranks.

We offer a 360 – solution going from Insight (choosing the right promotional channel, setting KPIs aligned with your cross-channel strategy), to Innovation (convincing budget holders to invest in new digital tactics), Integrated Execution (setting up and managing digital campaigns) and Impact (dashboards to measure and compare the ROI/success of campaigns).

Across Health has a dedicated expertise in multi-country and multi-language campaign roll-outs and the legal and regulatory landscape within the restriction of the health care industry. Common goals of our digital campaigns are disease / treatment awareness building, over-the-counter products / medical devices promotion, and clinical trial recruitment.

What are the results?
Typical outcomes of online marketing campaigns managed by Across Health are:

  • Major improvement of both the reach and visibility of   your web presence
  • Significant increase in both the quantity and quality of  your web traffic
  • Higher visitor engagement (improved conversion rates)
  • Actionable and measurable campaign data to calculate marketing ROI
  • ...

Case study: We were asked to promote a patient portal about HIV and AIDS prevention, and the need to get tested for HIV. Together with the client we decided that we needed a combination of search engine and social media advertising. We launched exhaustive and well-structured search campaigns on both Google and Bing, and a highly targeted advertising campaign on Facebook.

In just 3 months we drove almost 20,000 visitors to this HIV portal for an average cost-per-click of only €0,15. For less than €3000 relevant web traffic increased with 600%.  We were responsible for over 4,000 additional on-site searches for an HIV testing centre, which is one of the main features and goals of the website.

The Facebook advertisements generated almost 1,500 additional ‘likes’ to the Facebook page, and engagement with the page posts grew incrementally.



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