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Self-service Portals

Healthcare professionals

A self-service portal is a password-protected site where all information, content and services for healthcare professionals is conveniently located in one central online location.  Over half of pharma companies currently host such a portal, but the scope and ambition vary widely.

Why is it so important to implement?
Your customers visit several 3d party websites for information and services. Pharma typically adds even more sites, with a lot of stand-alone properties, like product sites, disease sites, medical education sites or campaign sites…and very often they feature a different username and password. This is typically the result of the way pharma companies are organized: by brand & function, rather than around customer groups, leading to a siloed vision and execution. In addition, no other industry spreads its digital budget over so many sites. This then leads to low maintenance budgets and “static” sites.

The result of this plethora of offerings is a self-fulfilling prophecy. On the one hand your customers do not know where to find the information there are looking for. As a result, you will achieve low visit rates and customer engagement levels. On the other, brand teams do not see much value in their current online presence and treat these sites still as nice to haves.

For most other industries and a growing number of pharma companies, self-service portals are the foundation for their cross-channel efforts. They realize that these offerings are more cost-efficient, customer-centric and a key enabler for closed-loop marketing, segmentation-driven and personalised offerings.

How does Across Health do the implementation?
Across Health will help write the portal strategy, including a digital roadmap starting at your current position and outlining where you want to go to in the next months – and how you go from A to B. An experienced programme manager will oversee the entire project, including functionality prioritization, content & service identification as well as technology requirements and developments. The main focus will be on working with your brand & sales teams to help them transform and integrate the portal in their daily work, and setting up the right governance, organization, processes, and impact measurement/dashboard.

Last but not least, we can also run the entire change management process. We include legal and regulatory, medical and top management, to ensure all stakeholders are aligned and involved. A self-service portal is not just another site; it is the foundation of a completely new way of interaction with your customers across all channels...

What are the results?
The result is a transformation in the company. The portal develops from a necessary evil to a key instrument to achieve brand objectives and to maintain customer engagement. Your sales force will transform from a completely separate channel to a key driver of customer interaction via the portal. You will be able to increase reach, frequency & customer engagement at a significantly lower cost than through face-to-face only. In addition, marketing, medical and other customer-facing groups will have a clear format and decision tool to determine what to add and what to leave out, focusing on customer needs and offering sustainable added value.

We have been involved in several self-service portal projects, both local and regional, ranging from concept development to the full development and implementation. For one client we have been involved in the organisational change and step-by-step expansion to the next level of the portal for 5 years running. For another our initial local portal concept is now implemented in 17 affiliates as the best-practice model.

Some of our recent achievements include:

  • Companywide segmentation and personalisation per franchise, including priority mapping for multi-rep contacted customers
  • Full integration with ipad detailing, and full release of portal content teaser using ipads
  • Direct ownership of the online relation and personalised content additions on the portal by the sales force, resulting in higher relevant customer contacts and daily portal promotion by the sales force
  • Targeted and more frequent content development and additions by brand teams, fully supporting the current brand plan drivers


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