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Social Media

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Social media comprises a wide range of channels, like online gaming, blogs & microblogs, rating sites, communities and media sharing platforms (photo, music, video)…Well over 1 billion people are active on general and health-related social networking sites, and the relative level of activity is even markedly higher in emerging markets.

Why is it so important to implement?
Currently, adoption is slow vs other industries, based on our 2012-2013 Digital Barometer results. This is probably due to the fact that the initial steps of pharma in the social media space were not an undivided success (as most of these were mainly “marketing” sites), and regulators were not very clear as to what was possible.

Nevertheless, social media holds great promise for pharma. Indeed, there are many ways in which they can support your business initiatives…They allow you to learn from your customer interactions (social media monitoring), while you can create your own multimedia & interactive marketing channels. But you can also go beyond push marketing and focus on the connectivity promise. Indeed, social media offers great opportunities to improve customer service & patient support as well as innovation (crowdsourcing).

How does Across Health do the implementation?
At Across Health we work with you throughout the whole process: from insight generation (social media monitoring for patients and physicians, online opinion leader identification,…), through strategy formulation, execution and impact assessment. We will select the right strategy & tactics together with you, to ensure maximum business impact, taking into account your organizational maturity, customer readiness and proven best-practice approaches. Importantly, we are focused on life sciences, so we know the rules and regulations when putting together HCP and patient programs.

What are the results?
Examples of our programs include social media programs targeting HCPs (physicians, pharmacies, veterinarians), disease awareness programs, programs with influencers (i.e.bloggers), Public relations 2.0 as well as event coverage such as medical congresses and symposia.

Case Study: HCP self service portal, which uses social media to promote its content with the ultimate goal to get new members to register to the site, as well as encourage return visits. The initiative maintains a Facebook page with over 1200 HCPs, a Twitter account with over 1.900 followers and a YouTube channel with 70 videos and 22.000 video views. 10% of the total montlhy traffic to the HCP service portal comes from social media accounts.



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