2014 - Across Health Multichannel Barometer

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11 June 2014

2014 - Across Health Multichannel Barometer

The results of Across Health’s Multichannel Barometer 2014 survey have been released.

Benefit from its insights in 3 steps…

1. Preview the highlights from the Multichannel Barometer 2014 results here

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  • 302 respondents from 100 life science companies across Europe, US and emerging markets completed the online survey
  • Regulatory issues remain top hurdle, ROI & lack of knowledge are rising; only 13% has a companywide multichannel strategy in place
  • Websites are most popular tactic, cross-channel and mobile rising fast
  • Satisfaction levels remain below 20%
  • Multichannel budgets have plateaued at around 16% of marketing budgets


2. For more details, download the slide deck …

see full report


… and view the webinar …

Recorded webinar:

Multichannel Barometer 2014 results: Key Global trends

3. …then find out how your company compares by conducting your very own in-house survey.

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PS: Congratulations to the two winners of the Multichannel Barometer 2014 prize draws:

  • E. Brussel in The Netherlands
  • A. Diaz-Agero in Spain

Of the choice between an iPad Air, a Lumoback, or a Pebble Steel, both winners selected an iPad Air. We hope they are enjoying them!