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  • “After extensive scanning of the channel research landscape, the winner for us was the Across Health Navigator. The data spans over 50 channels and covers both offline & online as well as promotional and non-promotional channels and stakeholders. This makes the Across Health Navigator an extensive piece of channel research and allows for a fact-based and integrated multichannel planning, optimization and measurement. The approach resonates extremely well with both our senior leaders as well as our brand teams across Europe." (Senior Director Commercial Excellence, medium-sized Pharmaco)
  • "The Cross-Channel Navigator provides a customer-centric approach to selecting the right channels for the right countries. That is because the impact and reach measurements you get per channel come right from the voice of the customer - through a strong market research-based methodology. The Navigator is one strong part of the decision-making mix, of course along with a strong multichannel strategy and real-world experience of what works." (Director Commercial Excellence Europe, top 10 pharmaco)
  • “The Navigator data based on reach and impact has become a critical part in the tactical planning of multi-channel activities as it allows a clear and straight forward way to select and consider trade-offs between different channels. Today the Navigator data provides key insights and drives our multi-channel decisions both on a regional and country level." (Head of Commercial Excellence Europe, leading biotech company)
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Multi-channel Mix Assessment

A Multi-channel Mix Assessment is an analysis which helps optimizing a marketing budget across a number of channels, maximizing impact and minimizing costs.

This is a critical exercise, as a marketing or communication campaign involves the investment of substantial budgets across a multitude of marketing channels. Each of these channels have different characteristics in terms of reach, impact and cost.

  • Reach: the degree to which the target audience is exposed to this channel.
  • Impact: how effective is the channel in influencing the behavior of the target audience.
  • Cost: using the channel, how expensive is one contact with a member of the target audience.
Why is it so important to implement?

After a Multi-channel Mix Assessment evaluates these three metrics across a multitude of channels, the marketing team will be able to effectively optimize their budget. As such, an optimized campaign will deliver "more value for money". A lot more… An MMA is an upfront investment, which pays back itself.

How does Across Health do the implementation?

Across typically evaluates about 50 channels targeted to doctors, and building on primary research coming directly from the target audience. Across is not relying on obsolete and/or fragmented secondary data. Moreover, the Multi-channel Mix Assessment analyzes channels on a number of secondary metrics, providing rich insights in the market, the marketing landscape and the competitive arena.

  • Competitive pressure: which channels are crowded, which open
  • Quality: which competitors are doing well/poorly in which channels
  • Rep Equivalence: how does a channel perform vis-à-vis the gold standard (the sales rep)
  • Share of Influence: how much “noise” does a competitor make
  • Word of Mouth Potential: how much “music” does a competitor make
What are the results?

Across delivers a very thorough analysis of the channels and metrics in scope, and frames the output into meaningful and actionable advice. We help our customers in making the right decisions when optimizing a marketing budget in an almost chaotic landscape with literally dozens of communication channels… which ones work?... which ones work best? As a result, our MMA is a useful and cost-effective compass for pharma marketers who need to prioritize channels when allocating budgets.

To give an example: an MMA has steered the design of a major cross-channel campaign in the German market. Two mature brands had to drastically reduce promotional budgets, so channel prioritization was key. For a mere 20% of the cost of a sales force, a carefully designed mix of channels was able to stop sales erosion. If you want to learn more, please have a look at our webinar.



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