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Impact Measurement & Dashboards

Our capability to track and measure everything in a multi-channel universe grows month over month. Every email you send, every visitor on your site, every outbound call, every mailing response… everything is being stored at the individual level in huge CRM and analytics databases – and connected with face-to-face interactions (rep & msl). While there has always been a need to use this data to make better, wiser and fact-based decisions, the large quantities of data and one-fit-all KPIs often lead to confusion and misinterpretation of the data.

We are beyond the point where being able to measure everything is a skill. Today, it’s all about being able to focus on the right things and present the data in such a way that they lead to true – and actionable -- insights.

Why is it so important to implement?
Cross-channel approaches are rapidly becoming commonplace. While the power is in the mix, you don’t want to keep investing your budget blindly in subpar channel or channel combinations. You also do not want to waste time and effort on trying to reach customers who are not sensitive to certain channels (channel preference/acceptance). In the end, you will want to get the tools to predict when a customer is ready for the next interaction (right time) through which channel (right channel) and with which message and frequency (right message & frequency).

Increasingly, a central website is the hub of many of these interactions. But how are you assessing its value and the interactions with the other channels? Are you looking at the default reports generated by your web analytics program or have you shaped your reports in such a way that they provide you more insights in how well you are achieving your business objectives? Are you already measuring true impact?

How does Across Health do the implementation?
At Across Health, we help our clients profile customers in terms of channel preference/acceptance/behaviour to allow microtargeting, as well as assessing engagement and business impact. Using state of art engagement and impact models, backed-up with industry leading tools/platforms like QlikView, SFDC/Veeva, Google Analytics,... , Across Health is able make the transformation from buckets of information to streams of insights.

What are the results
Typical outcomes of measuring impact via the Across Health dashboards are:

  • Optimization of the channel mix (down to the customer level)
  • Impact monitoring and continuous optimization
  • Predictive customer analytics
  • Shared vision of relevant KPIs and impactful internal communication
  • Constant, actionable learnings
  • ...


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