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Tailored Digital Strategy Roadmap for Emerging Markets

Across Health is the strategic partner of many high-profile pharmaceutical companies all over the globe, and emerging markets have been an important part of that for the last couple of years. We serve both local/regional firms interested in strengthening their digital activities as global pharmaceutical companies recognizing the opportunities in these markets through a tailored digital strategy roadmap.

Many pharmaceutical companies are focusing on leveraging the sales growth opportunities in the emerging markets like Brazil, China, India, Russia, Mexico and Turkey. These markets are characterized by large populations, with increasing incomes and growing middle class, combined with modern digital infrastructures and usage levels of mobile equaling those in the US and Western-European countries.

Good understanding of the market and its key stakeholders in combination with a tailored cross-channel approach is a must for implementing a successful digital marketing strategy in these countries – where traditional sales reps often have to manage huge territories.

Across Health can help you develop the roadmap for your country-specific digital strategy in emerging markets, without losing sight on the key challenges that these markets can bring (dominant generics, strict regulations and healthcare reforms).

We have a proven approach to define an impactful cross-channel strategy, leveraging existing brand plans and additional insights on the regional digital landscape and behavior of targeted stakeholders. This approach has been implemented successfully by Across in emerging markets like Russia, China, Mexico and Brazil, and resulted in innovative, balanced and integrated roadmaps and prioritization strategies that build on the strengths of the client’s existing channels.

Success Metrics and KPIs will be defined on different levels (exposure, engagement, conversion and loyalty) for each target group and channel, in order to optimally measure the success of the suggested strategy.

92% of our customers are delighted with our services (external audit 2010). This is confirmed by our 35+% annual growth rate since 2007, our loyal customer base and the arrival of new key customers every year.



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